Terms and conditions


Implementation space. Entering the website

This document is an agreement concluded between HD red carpet Albania, registered near NRC with (NIPT number) L51627503S, headquartered at: Durres Durres DURRES Lagjja nr. 4, Rruga Skenderbej, Objekt me numer pasurie 25/8, Zona Kadastrale 8514, tek stacioni i trenit, and the respective clients, which provides the general conditions for clients of buying online products via the HD red carpet Albania website www.hdredcarpet.com (hereinafter referred to as “General conditions”)

Buy ordering and purchasing online via the website www.redcarpet.com, you accept without reservation all the General conditions. These general conditions are applied to all sales via website of HD red carpet Albania, even though the products are delivered to the address specified by the Client or when the clients buy the products at the stores. If the general conditions change, corresponding changes will be published on this website. If the general conditions change, they will not be applied any more. In case of specific products and special offers that have additional conditions will be published after their delivery on website www.hdredcarpet.com

HD red carpet Albania will not be responsible if during the navigation on this website can be downloaded unwanted products or unconfirmed by the client. HD red carpet Albania will not be responsible for problems that may arise due to the lack of antivirus, firewall or browser not updated at the visitor’s computer during the navigation on this website of HD red carpet Albania as well. The clients take the responsibility by themselves to use the right equipment and programs to be protected against external against external attacks (viruses, different pages) to buy online. HD red carpet Albania may decide at any time to suspend, change or terminate the provision of the products online due to maintenance works, to update or improve the website or for any other reason.

Violation of these conditions and terms entitles HD red carpet Albania to terminate an online purchasing and to not let them navigate anymore on this website for these reasons or other.